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The Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine is published twice a year, in March and September, offering a six month promotion life for your advertising investment. The Green & Healthy Maine Home + Energy Show takes place in October, providing an unparalleled opportunity to connect face to face with Mainers who are interested in sustainable home and energy solutions.

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The current issue is fantastic. Read it cover to cover. Even the ads are informative. Keep up the good work.
— C. Becksvoort, Gray

I’ve advertised in several other places, including TV, newspapers and radio. And I get more response from you than anywhere else.
— Bob Frechette, Heatmizer

the green & healthy difference

From energy audits to air sealing and insulation, solar panels to heat pumps, and edible landscapes to urban homesteading, we explore the options and show our readers how they are being implemented in Maine.
We look at heating and cooling systems, and how advancements in technology have brought down the costs and accessibility of solar, LED lighting, electric vehicles and more.

Guided by experts

The Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine is guided by an advisory panel comprised of local professionals with expertise in building performance, renewable energy, energy efficiency, permaculture design, green building and more.


We distribute 15,000 copies of the Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazine, reaching an estimated 70,000 Maine readers. It is available on newsstands at major retailers including Hannaford, and Shaws, as well as independent retailers and 2,000+ professional offices throughout Maine. Brought to you by the publishers of the SunriseGuide—we have been bringing readers the best of what’s healthy, local and green in Maine for more than twelve years.

We just had someone call and register for our Local Wood Tour. He owns a construction business and a small woodlot. He said he saw the ad in your magazine, and otherwise, would have never heard of it!
— Kirsten Brewer, Local Wood WORKS

*Source: 2017 Green & Healthy Maine HOMES advertiser survey

Our goal in publishing the Green & Healthy Maine HOMES magazines and the Green & Healthy Maine Home & Energy Show is to create a resource that supports and inspires healthy and sustainable homes in Maine.  The SunriseGuide, LLC reserves the right to accept only exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers that meet our publication and promotion standards.